Create Your Own Lab

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Let me encourage you to go through all of these steps and programs. I highly recommend it be cause it's what I've learned and has made a huge impact in my life. I do not recommend going through this fast. Take your time as the result will have a profound impact on every aspect of your life. You'll find a brief overview below, but I do recommend these courses for a more in depth understanding .

What is a LAB life?

Another way to say a lab life is to be living the True Love Culture and that you have achieved your ideal Time Distribution and Lifestyle Design. Allowing you to live a fully experienced life and contributing to global betterment at some level.

It means having a dream like relationship with a perfect match,  deep meaningful friendships and financial independance and social impact. Having a life like this is an incubator for life and creation and allows you to pour value into the younger generation as they grow.

It's finding a passion, a creative expression or art, and creating wealth so you can take control of your time. This so you can become all you are meant to be and give back to the world in a positive way. This accompanied by creating the streams of income to finance your lifestyle and travels.