Don’t Know Where To Start Your Online Marketing, Business or Brand?

It’s always been a belief of mine that we all have been given a message to communicate and that’s one of the reasons I’ve spent so much time learning about how to communicate effectively, also known as marketing. There is so much that goes into crafting your communications and making sure it’s received correctly.

Fortunately the time is just right for you to jump online and it’s never been easier to start getting your voice and message heard through highly distributed channels, like iTunes, Amazon publishing and more.

Ready To Raise Your Voice and Be Heard?

Well the good news is if you don’t know how or where to start, this post can help you. I was making a Free Online Marketing Basics Training For Beginners video training series and had just about finished recording all the videos when it occurred to me to share a summary or outline of the content as a post.

So if you can’t watch the videos (which offer some extra information and bonus training), you can at least have the core idea and run with it. So here they are.

7 First Steps To Marketing Online.

  1. Purchase your domain
    1. Preferably your name
    2. Ex. –
  2. Setup domain name email address
    1. Adds professionalism and branding
    2. Ex. –
  3. Create or find a lead magnet
    1. A free, high value product given in exchange for the visitors name and email address to become a subscriber
    2. Ex. – my Free Online Marketing Basics For Beginners free video training series (see ex. #4 for access)
  4. Create an optin page
    1. A one-page “website”. The only website you need to get started with. Where visitors exchange their name and email for the Lead magnet (see #3)
    2. Ex. – 
  5. Create signatures
    1. For inclusion in emails, forums and anywhere else appropriate
    2. Ex. – “I believe in impacting every sector of society and culture with the True Love Culture.” – Mr Henry Vargas,
  6. Setup social media profiles, groups and forums
    1. Communicate who you are and what you stand for or represent.
    2. Ex. –
      4. YouTube
      6. etc
  7. Marketing strategies
    1. Post every day at beginning
    2. Gary Vee’s $1.80 Instragram strategy
    3. Michael Meeny’s Blog Comment Compiler strategy

There you have it! The 7 First Steps to Marketing Online. With that you can start growing your following today! By the way, the last 2 marketing strategies is what gets people to the posts from the first strategy.

That’s everything you need to get started building your brand and marketing online. I go into a little deeper detail and give some spontaneous tips on the podcast version of this and even more, I throw in some bonus trainings on copy writing and example posts in the video training series.

Check out the 7 First Steps to Online Marketing podcast episode of the Henry’s Lab Audio Sessions podcast


Visit to optin and get access to all the videos.

Hope this post was useful. It was fun to make the training videos and am glad I got to share these internet marketing basics with you. Leave a comment and let me know how you applied it to your business.

Till next time, Peace and Success.

Mr Henry Vargas

P.S. Update – It’s actually 8 steps. #5 Should be set up your autoresponder then create signatures. My bad

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