Love and Relationships

The greatest of Henry's three primary passions is undoubtedly God and the True Love Culture. Because this empowers everyone and every relationship in society.

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Arts and Creativity

Believing every True Love Revolutionist has at least one God given art form through which to expressive ourselves.  Henrys uses the signature True Love Revolutionist


Business and Marketing

A passion for freedom includes a passion for financial independance. Knowing that a business ought to exist to add value to it's clients lives and know how to communicate that effectively.

A Clean Spirit, a Strong Body, a Sharp Mind and a Mature Soul

These are the things that set you up to be able to live life to the fullest! All of these are elements of your existence that when embraced in such a manner will take you to live an existencial extacy!

Along with the True Love Works Foundation, Henry Vargas' greatest desire is to take the True Love Culture to the world and being a voiced proponant of the True Love Revolution through his creative works as the True Love Revolutionist!

He believes the TLC ought to exist in every aspect, especially in the areas of social contribution, art and business. That's why he created the True Love Works Foundation, creates art under the signature the TLR.

And launched, an online store dedicated to showing TLC and the philosophy of Life is Simple, through it's products and business practices. Visit today!


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